• Lil Sprout Portable Water Pump

  • Portable, Versatile, Affordable Solar or Electric Water Transfer by Lil' Sprout

Custom Orders and Additional Add-Ons

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Up-front facts-to-know about the Lil Sprout:

The Lil' Sprout is a complete water pumping unit. It is portable with 4 wheels and weighs 20 to 30 lbs depending on the model. It can be plugged into AC for continuous, non-remote use or switched to solar for up to 3 hrs use remote, recharged in full sun for 5 hrs, and used again in the solar mode. The Lil' Sprout operates in the 12 V DC system mode and can be connected to other 12 volt batteries or solar arrays. It connects to normal garden hoses by simply connecting to the Lil Sprout input and output.

Currently, three models of the Lil Sprout are available:

Solar Recharge: Solar and AC operation with Battery Solar and AC recharge

Solar: Solar and AC operation with Battery Solar recharge

Utility: AC operation and clip-on battery connectors for remote farm use with farm vehicles

Examples of Custom Orders

* If added battery storage capacity is needed, the battery capacity can be expanded from 3hrs (current) to 12 hrs by addition of 3 batteries.

* Solar Models can be modified to be easily connected to fixed 12 volt solar arrays.

* Small, fixed solar arrays can be provided.

* Other thoughts and needs, please specify.

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All Models of Lil' Sprout can be customized based on your specific needs.

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