• Lil Sprout Portable Water Pump

  • Portable, Versatile, Affordable Solar or Electric Water Transfer

Lil' Sprout Model 'S' Portable Solar/AC Freshwater Pump

The Lil' Sprout Model S portable solar recharge pump

Operate with Solar or Electric,
Recharge Battery With Solar Panel.

This light weight portable pump is great for on or off-grid water transfer. When fully charged, Model S can run for 2-3 hours pumping 3 gallons per minute at 55 gallons PSI. Recharge the battery with solar by opening the panel to bright sun for 3-4 hours or plug the pump into a home battery charger. Many uses for gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, and flood cleanup!

$ 369.95

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  • Full Specifications for Lil' Sprout Model SR
  • Operates solar or AC modes
  • Solar recharge battery in bright sun OR with home battery charger
  • Maintenance free 12 volt battery
  • Check valve & thermal overload
  • Shurflo pump supplies 55 PSI
  • Pump apprx. 180 gal/hr or 3gal/min
  • Vertical head of up to 10 ft
  • Self-priming
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Normal garden hose connectors
  • Portable: 4 wheels
  • Delivery within 1-2 weeks

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Using solar power, Lil Sprout Model S (solar recharge) pumps water from a rain barrel to water vegetables at the Ranson Old Town Community Gardens in Ranson, WV.

Sustainable Water Management For Farm, Garden, Homestead, or Flood Cleanup